1. Tape Making
The first and most important stage in the manufacture of Forindo's bag is tape production using virgin polypropylene from our own extruder. The quality of finished woven bag depend on the strength, elongation, tenacity, and weight which will be maintaned consistency at very high level throughout this process.
Tape Making
Weaving 2. Weaving
The finished tapes become the warp and weft of the fabric, which is woven on circular looms. FORINDOPRIMA PERKASA is one of few companies in the woven bag industry field to weave its own base material without recycling material and the best quality and strength of the bag come from our own weaving techniques.
3. Finishing
The finished cloth become individual roll cloth which is cutting on automatically cutting sewing machine. Additional accessories and finishing stage will be proceed on appropriate equipment, which is innovated by the current techniques based on specific customer requirement.



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